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Screening FAQs

What if my screening does not fit into the Incurable Fanatics Tour because of the schedule or route of the tour?

If you are interested in hosting a public screening of Nefarious with more than 30 people in attendance, and your screening does not fit into the schedule or route of the Incurable Fanatics Tour, we welcome you to host your own screening but ask that you purchase a public screening licence.

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What is the benefit of being included on the Incurable Fanatics Tour? Why not do the screening on my own?

For those that choose to host a screening on the Incurable Fanatics Tour, we send trained tour members to present the film, to set up a merchandise and information booth, to answer questions of those attending, and to help the hosting organization further network and raise awareness of this issue.

Can I preview the film before I show it?

Because of the huge response to the film, and of all the requests that we get, we do not distribute copies of the film for pre-viewing. If you are concerned about the content of the film, you may purchase a DVD and view it before confirming a screening, or you can read the following detailed reviews that will give you a clear idea of what to expect.

Critic Reviews for Nefarious: Merchant of Souls:
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What is the movie rating for Nefarious: Merchant of Souls?

The film is currently NR (not rated). There is no nudity or swearing, but it is a very mature subject matter, with actual footage from red light districts, and re-enactments of what some victims experience. We recommend it for audiences of 18+, but some younger have watched it at their parent’s discretion.

Will you help promote and market my screening?

Once you confirm your screening on the tour, we will send you an excellent marketing guide to help give you ideas for promoting your screening, along with digital promotional materials. Our team will also be in contact with you leading up to your event. We will include your screening on our website, and will promote the tour through our social media sites and our network. You also have the option of purchasing a promotional booking kit for your screening here.

Can local organizations set up tables?

We welcome local anti-trafficking organizations to come and represent themselves at Nefarious screenings. Because of the length and intensity of the film, we ask that the speaking be kept to the local host and the Incurable Fanatics Tour speaker, but we are happy to direct attendees to stop by the tables of attending organizations.

Is there a certain attendance I should aim for?

We ask that screenings on college/university campuses have at least 150 people in attendance, while all other screenings have at least 200 people in attendance.

When is the best day of the week to host?

This really depends on your community. You should always take into consideration the local events happening around the time of your screening and try to avoid those dates (i.e. football games, holidays, festivals, etc). We have had successful screenings every day of the week, both matinee and evening screenings.