Host a Brookes Screening in your home

The use of graphics played a key role in William Wilberforce’s campaign to end slavery. In 1788, Wilberforce presented diagrams and a model of the Brookes slave ship as part of the English government’s “Inquiry into the Slave Trade.” These images were influential in turning the tide of public opinion and profoundly affected Parliament’s perception of the slave trade.

Today, you have the same opportunity to use graphics to spread awareness and bring about change by hosting a screening for friends, family, and those within your sphere of influence. These screenings will be called “Brookes Screenings” in honor of Wilberforce’s use of visuals to end slavery.

How to host a Brookes Screening:



Invite your friends, family and those within your sphere of influence to your house to watch Nefarious: Merchant of Souls



Screen the documentary



Discuss the film and what it means to be an Incurable Fanatic



Pray for the ending of sex slavery in your city

If you are interested in hosting a public screening with more than 30 in attendance, see Host a Screening.